Because in the End

Adventures Jungfrau Lake District Winter

Winter always feels like a long slog up here in the Lakes. Short days, miserable weather conditions redolent of Storm Desmond, muddy roads, and an even muddier Mues van. It's all too easy to curl up in the warmest part of the office, à la Charlie, the beyond-irritating farm cat who insists on monopolizing the boiler in the office bathroom. 

Surviving Winter

"You won't remember..."

Tempting as a hibernation day is, it's an absolute crime to pass up on our snow-capped fells when they look so perfect for exploring, and that's precisely how we've survived these colder months: fueling up at breakfast and getting out onto the Lake District tops.

In the words of our mentor Mr. Jack Kerouac himself: "Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain."

Grasmoor Summit, The Lake District

A snow-capped Lakes

Mues Trail Mix

A Breakfast Pilgrimage

Mues Fueled

Top of Europe

Naturally, our striving to avoid office-fever, led us on a breakfast pilgrimage to the spiritual home of muesli itself: Schweiz. We dubbed it 'market research', though in truth, all our cases were stashed with ample supplies of The Artman Classic which served as a great all-day mid-piste snack. Here we are enjoying the delights of the Jungfrau Region, immortalized thanks to the wonders of Go Pro Headcams.

If you enjoy a good crash scene as much as we do, you can find the very excellent Blooper Reel at the end.

Video (c) Arthur Cottingham Filmed on Gopro Hero 3+,4, 5, 5 session using feiyu-tech G4s Music (c) Crystal Fighters - “You & I"

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