The Winter Wonder is back!

Christmas Limited Edition Winter

We’ve finally had to accept that summer is over, the dark nights are drawing in and it's getting chilly outside! But, it's not all doom and gloom, we're delighted to announce the return (by popular demand) of our limited edition Christmas blend!

The Winter Wonder: Created to inspire us each through the winter days. Our Limited Edition Mues brings a seasonal spice to the breakfast table with hints of cinnamon, dried apple, cranberries & hazelnuts.

This award-winning blend captures all the cosy flavours of the festive period - the perfect combination of dried apple, toasted hazelnuts, punchy cranberries with lingering cinnamon undertones. The Winter Wonder also makes for a great porridge or crumble topper for those to whom regular muesli consumption is usually a warm weather affair.

The verdict from food critics who selected it for a 2018 Great Taste award:
"Appealing and interesting mix of ingredients, generous with large fruit & nuts" "The aroma of cinnamon is enticing" "a well crafted combination" "a really well balanced muesli" "delivers fantastic flavour"

Get yours while stocks last! 

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