May your breakfasts be brilliant! Plus a little recommendation...

We've had a busy few weeks working out how to run a predominantly online-based business while still toasting plenty of our award-winning muesli. Any suggestions or feedback on your online purchasing experience are always appreciated!

Talking of feedback, a massive thank-you to everyone that has already left product reviews on our site (or on Facebook / Google). Thrilled that you hold our toasted muesli in such high regard - it makes all our hard work worth it!

To mix things up (and to support a fellow food producer who has just started up), we thought we'd share a little recommendation for those of you who are nut butter fans...

Tim's brother has recently launched Nutopia Nut Butters. They’re on a mission to share enticing twists on traditional nut butters. Similar to us, they make their products by hand, from scratch in small batches.

It's a bizarre old time in the world at the moment and we'd hate for politics or pandemics to continuously infiltrate the treasured breakfast table. So all we'll say is, we hope you're all keeping sane, safe, suitably exercised & well fed!

Keep calm and eat breakfast.

The Mues Team

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